Haruna Iddrisu

Former Member of Parliament (MP) for Kumbungu, Ras Mubarak has criticised the Minority Leader in Parliament, Haruna Iddrisu, for the position he has taken on the E-levy proposal in the 2022 budget statement.

According to him, Mr Iddrisu’s posture is the kind of shifty attitudes and “dangerous flip-flopping that make the public feel NDC and NPP are the same.”

His comments come after Mr Iddrisu who is also MP for Tamale South had said the Minority would accept the e-levy if it is reduced to 1% from the 1.75% proposed in the budget statement, a position that is contrary to the earlier decision of the Minority to reject the proposal entirely.

“A week ago, we said no, we won’t accept e-levy but having listened to officials in government, including the Minister of Finance, I am convinced to accept a departure from my original no to accepting a one percent e-levy,” Mr. Iddrisu said at the 10th-anniversary launch of the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications in Accra on Thursday, December 2, 2021.

“We are not against it, but we want it fixed at one percent. We fear for double taxation because we already have the Communication Services Tax,” he said.

But, reacting to his comments in a post on Facebook, Ras Mubarak said Haruna Iddrisua has “completely lost the plot”.

“It’s the sort of shifty attitude and dangerous flip-flopping that make the public feel NDC and NPP are the same,” he wrote on Facebook.

Below is Ras Mubarak’s post