The Anlo District in the Volta Region has been severely impacted by another rainstorm, further disrupting the academic activities of local schools.

Previously, a storm had already ripped off the roofs of seven senior high schools and 18 basic schools in the area.

Joseph Armstrong reports that the situation has significantly hindered education in the affected institutions, with school management now appealing for government assistance.

Impact on Schools

Public senior high schools and basic schools in the Anlo Constituency have been hard hit by the recent rainstorms, which have damaged classrooms, dining halls, dormitories, and other structures.

This destruction has created a challenging environment for both students and staff, prompting urgent calls for repairs to ensure safety and continuity of education.



During a visit to the affected schools, the heads of several institutions emphasized the critical need for government intervention. They stressed the importance of repairing the damaged infrastructure promptly to protect the well-being of students and staff.

Appeals for Assistance

Students have also joined the appeal for swift action, highlighting the adverse effects of the damage on their education.

The Municipal Chief Executive for the Anloga District Assembly, Seth Yormewu, underscored the severity of the situation and called for immediate support from the Ministry of Education.

Richard Kwami Sefe, the Member of Parliament for Anlo, has pledged to initiate parliamentary procedures to secure aid from the Education Minister. He aims to address the urgent needs of the affected schools effectively

Specific Damages

Wisdom Adeti, headmaster of Anlo Senior High School, confirmed the extensive damage, particularly to the ICT lab, physics lab, and dining halls. He emphasized the need for immediate repairs to these critical facilities.

Current Conditions

At Volta Senior High School, students and teachers have been forced to conduct classes under trees due to the damage. During the news team’s visit, another rainstorm further disrupted activities, with students seen scrambling to protect their books and desks from the rain.

This situation is severely affecting their daily school activities. The affected schools urgently require support to restore normalcy and ensure a conducive learning environment.

The appeal to the government and other stakeholders is clear: immediate action is necessary to mitigate the impact of these destructive storms and safeguard the future of education in the Anlo District.