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Rainstorm destroys VIP stands of Sunyani Coronation Park


 A powerful rainstorm that struck Saturday evening has caused significant damage to the roofing of the VIP stands and other sections of the  Sunyani Coronation Park.

The most affected areas were the left and right wings of the VIP stands, portions of the Jubilee stand, and the DKM stand.

The rainstorm began around 5:15 pm on Saturday and lasted until 18:30 hours.

According to an eyewitness, Francis Ankamah Wanney, Secretary of the Bono Ahafo Regional Football Association, the rain started shortly after an FA Cup round of 16 match between Sunyani Prisons Ladies and Kumasi Sports Academy at the Park.

He said portions of the roofing of the left wing of the VIP stands collapsed onto a Northern Electricity Development Company (NEDCo) light pole at the Park, near the RFA office, causing a blackout in the area.

Additionally, the falling roof from the right wing of the VIP stands narrowly missed hitting the bus of Kumasi Sports Academy as it landed at the front of the bus.

In a related interview, Mr. Foster Kwame Opoku Boakye, the Bono Regional Director of the National Sports Authority, emphasized the urgent need for action to address  the damage.

He requested for assistance for roofing sheets, lumber, nails, and other assistance to repair the roof and replace displaced seats.

Mr. Boakye also appealed for support to facilitate the re-roofing of the Park, as much of the roofing had been in place for many years.

The Coronation Park, with a capacity of approximately 6,000, is a popular venue for hosting various sporting events, including Premier League and National Division One league matches, inter-school competitions, and serves as a symbol of community pride for the people of the Bono Region.


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