Dr Kwabena Donkor, former Power Minister

Member of Parliament for Pru East, Dr Kwabena Donkor, is threatening to take legal action against the Ghana Highway Authority (GHA) over the poor road network.

According to him, the authority had looked on for the Yeji stretch to deteriorate without taking steps to fix the road.

“We will consider going to court. We have a right to safety, we will consider going to court to compel Highway Authority to do what the law has set them up to do if this road is not given the needed attention,” he said.

Speaking at the press briefing on Wednesday, the former Energy Minister explained that, the road had deteriorated such that drivers are forced to drive on portions of the road without potholes.

“Vehicles on that road no longer drive on the left or the right. They drive where there are no potholes but the biggest danger to public safety is the state of the road.

“We are not talking about a rural road; we are not talking about an untarred road. We are talking about a major corridor road. The central corridor road,” he lamented.

 Dr Donkor said, should the road be tarred, it would save time as it was the fastest route that connects Ashanti region to Yeji in the Northern region.

The MP alleged that “the Ghana Highway Authority is conspiring to turn this road, this first-class road into a death trap.”

The MP therefore appealed to the authority to come to their aid.

“I appeal to Highway Authority; I appeal to the Ministry of Roads and Highways and I am bringing in the Ministry of National Security because the road has security implications,” he said.

“I am pleading that we would take the Highways Authority to court,” he added.