Principal elders of Akwatia warn Akwatiahene
Principal elders of Akwatia warn Akwatiahene

Some chiefs, Principal Members of the Akwatia Abrande family and people of Akwatia, are calling for the head of the Akwatiahene Osabarima Kofi Boateng lll over the lack of development at Akwatia.

According to the people of Akwatia, their town which is popular with rich Diamond production continues to lack basic social amenities due to ineffective leadership.

The people accused the Akwatiahene Osabarima Kofi Boateng lll of allocating to himself all goodies meant for the people of Akwatia.

At a clean up exercise meant to clean the abandoned and deteriorating Chief’s Palace and the Community Library, he outlined about nine instances where the Akwatiahene has failed to account to his subjects.

He called on Osabarima Kofi Boateng lll to step aside if he cannot account for his stewardship, indicating that, the people of Akwatia needs leadership that is committed to the development of the town.

Abusuapanin of the Abrade family and head of all the families at Akwatia, Baffour Antwi Darkwa, expressed worry over the situation and mentioned that, the family has received several petitions against the Akwatiahene and has made every effort to call him to a meeting in resolving the matter but he has not honoured their invitation.

He said, if the chief continues to disrespect the family and people of Akwatia, they may have to advise themselves.

Meanwhile, when Osabarima Kofi Boateng lll was contacted, he denied the allegations and mentioned that, he will speak to the issues one after the other at a later day.