Prince David Osei

The debate on producers failing to pay salaries of actors in the movie industry is nowhere near over as actor Prince David Osei launches fresh attack.

In an open Instagram ‘letter’ to Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG), Mr Osei disagreed with the association for demanding an apology from veteran actor Kofi Adjorolo for calling out producers who owe him.

FIPAG called on Mr Adjorlolo to render an unqualified apology to the association within 14 days for denting the image of its members or face their wrath.


However, the actor cum producer, described the movie producers as ‘mad’, and explained it was unfair for some members of the association to lift their voices against a senior actor for simply demanding wages he toiled hard for.

Throwing shades at the “so called producers” Mr Osei, who has been in the industry for 16 years, said a move by FIPAG to reject actors who have evolved into the movie production set up is born out of greed.

Below is his post:

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🔥🔥🔥🔥🚨🚨🚨🚨 My name is Prince David Osei,I am an Actor and a Film Producer.I have been in the movie industry for close to 16years now..The movie I just posted on my page is titled “NEWSMAN “Produced by myself PdoProductions and my good friend @lloydmartello @ben_zola_xiinoon In all I have produced 4 movies namely “Lastnight”Tarima”Newsman “ and the latest one “AsWePrayed”with my brother @efo_lucky_calebs …We were all actors and actresses until the movie industry went down and the likes of Yvonne Nelson,Yvonne Okoro,Kafui Danku,Juliet Ibrahim,Luckie Lawson,Tracy Boakye,Selassie Ibrahim,Myself etc Decided to become Producers and keep this enviable industry of ours vibrant ..Out of greed the producers association decided not to accept us into FIPAG, because they claim if we are actors,we should remain actors.Yet we held this Industry kept it going when “the so called producers”weren’t producing..Today, if the Veteran Actor Kofi Adjorlolo who has been in the game for decades,is talking about how some producers owe him…You Niggas got the nerves to insult him,do videos and ridicule the profession of acting ..Sorry to say but you guys “MAD”it is obvious some of you don’t have respect for old age and want to die young.You lift your voice against a grown up man simply because He is asking for his unpaid wages and that of upcoming actors..He didn’t say all Producers,He said some producers,so if you know you owe him,Pay Him!Gone are the days when you folks use to bully actors,now we are all producers,you guys just try any NONSENSE and you will see,this country won’t be able to contain us..What impudence! What Nonsense!!Some of You were probably in SHS or Primary School When Uncle Kofi Adjorlolo started acting ..So now people can’t speak their mind again??? Apology My Ass!!! Sorry for my French!!😡😡😡😡

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