File photo: Crime

A popular Nigerian comedian, MC Freedom, has been beaten to stupor after his prank skit went wrong in the market.

As part of his entertaining skit, Mc Freedom, together with his actress and crew invaded a market where he pretended to be harassing the female for blood for ritual purposes.

A market woman, who was obviously intimidated by the comedian’s pestering, raised an alarm that he was a ritualist, and in no time the skit went wrong, horribly wrong.

Without giving him the opportunity to defend himself, the youth beat him with sticks and stones, and one person stabbed him in the head.

In the video making rounds on social media, the man was rescued by his crew and sent to a nearby local shop, where he was cleaned and his head wound was treated.

According to reports, he was admitted to the hospital, but discharged yesterday, June 7 after spending two days in bed.

Watch video below: