Becky Hill / Credit: GETTY IMAGES

Becky Hill has hit back at trolls who criticised what she wore for her performance before the Euro 2022 final, saying women should be “proud of your bodies”.

The singer was responding to tweets about the sparkly silver leotard she wore as she sang on the pitch.

“Show off your curves! Cover up for no-one and be confident,” she posted.

Becky added it “was an absolute honour” to perform at Wembley Stadium before England’s historic win over Germany.

Responding to one tweet telling her “you don’t always have to dress up”, Becky said “women are always expected to dress up”.

“What was I supposed to do? Go on in my trackies?”


Several tweets about the 28-year-old singer’s outfit have since been deleted.

And another user appears to have apologised for tweets, with Becky responding that their comments were “very rude”.

“I’m also sorry you think that what I was wearing devalued my talent and wanted me to be more covered up to be a role model for body confidence to young women. As you can read, that is an oxymoron,” she tweeted.

She also referenced the criticism Camila Cabello got for her performance at the Champions League final and said “maybe a male artist would get less hate”.

Becky’s performance also received positive comments online, with some praising her for championing female empowerment as she sang alongside Stefflon Don and Ultra Nate.

Speaking about performing before the final, which England won 2-1 after extra time, Becky said: “It was an absolute honour to open up such an iconic and historic moment for women’s football, and perform in all my popstar glory.

“Will remember that moment until the day I die.

“That was one of my biggest moments of my career.”