Godpapa The Greatest and Empress Lupita

The Tema Community Police have reportedly taken into custody Godpapa The Greatest and Empress Lupita, a couple whose videos gained significant attention on social media platforms recently.

The couple’s viral content showcased concerning behaviour on the TikTok platform.

Among the actions captured in the videos, Godpapa The Greatest, previously identified as a pastor, and his wife were observed engaging in activities such as smoking, which raised eyebrows within the online community.

During an interview with YouTuber Kofi TV, the couple shockingly admitted to the killing of one of their two children, claiming that the child was possessed by an evil spirit.

Empress Lupita, the children’s mother, stated that her husband foresaw a future where their son, named El Shaa, would become a demonic entity capable of spawning further demons and potentially causing harm to Ghana and the world. In order to protect the nation, they believed it was necessary to sacrifice him.

In a subsequent interview with Kofi TV, the surviving child, an eight-year-old who managed to escape from his parents, confirmed that his brother, El Shaa, was indeed murdered by his mother and father. The young boy revealed that his parents had poisoned El Waa through ‘gari soakings’, and when the intended outcome failed to occur, they buried him alive.

Additionally, the boy made several allegations of mistreatment against his parents.

According to the young survivor, his parents would occasionally defecate in a bucket and later blend it to prepare soup for them to consume along with banku, a local dish.

In light of the disturbing revelations made by the child and the incriminating content captured in the viral videos, the Tema Community Two police have reportedly apprehended the couple. It is reported that the authorities will involve them in their ongoing investigations regarding this tragic incident.