Popular Nigerian actress, Maureen Esisi, is feeling the heat from netizens who were displeased with a latest video she posted on social media.

She posted the video of her tongue-kissing her female cousin after which they both burst into laughter.

Nigerians have described her actions as distasteful, especially coming from someone who claims to be a role model.

She began posting sensual videos on her Instagram account after her divorce from actor Blossom Chukwujekwu.

This, the critics have attrbuted to depression and a bid to attract her ex-husband’s attention.

In the past, she shared videos of her passionately kissing her biological brother on the lips. 

After facing backlash, she has come back and is advising netizens to stay away from her family business.

She went on to say that she will continue to be sexual with her family members for the next 99 years, and netizens should get used to it.