Annie Idibia, wife of popular singer, 2face Idibia, recently broke down in tears while recounting her experience with her cheating husband.

In a recent interview, the mother of two narrated how her husband’s cheating nature affected her, and how she felt so much pain.

Despite being his childhood sweetheart, Annie said 2face looked elsewhere for sexual gratification and welcomed babies with different women.

At the time when 2face was in the peak of his career and was generally described as a ladies man, Annie said she was behind the scenes providing necessary support to keep him on top.

However, she was paid back with betrayal and babies she did not birth.

She said:

“When you meet someone and then you know them first. And then you just wake up and find out that two different women are having babies for him. My first child is his fifth and I met him before everybody.”

She said the situation has become a humiliation and embarrassment because history is repeating itself.

Annie and 2face had been involved in an explosive divorce saga over allegations he is still entertaining his baby mama named Pero.

“Do you know how many humiliation and embarrassments? And damn. I was like damn! How can you repeat the same mistake twice?” she quizzed.

The mother-of-two said she is currently hurt and in pain, but she chooses to continue the marriage since the “good times are so much more and I have forever with him to make up for the bad times.”