File photo: Gun

The Jacobu district police command has denied claims they deliberately shot and killed two suspected criminals.

The deceased, according to the police, attempted to escape from custody, forcing them to open fire.

But the family of one of the victims is not satisfied with the explanation of the police, saying they want an independent investigation into the matter.

Speaking to Adom News’ correspondent, Isaac K. Normanyo, the distraught family members are finding it difficult to understand how suspects in police custody will be shot dead.

The police said it acted on intelligence and arrested the two suspects on Wednesday evening, August 9.

Upon search, three unspent cartridges were found on one of the suspect, Amoateng.

The police added that further interrogation led to the retrieval of three guns and other boxes of unspent cartridges in the house of Amoateng.

According to the police, whilst returning to the station, the two suspects attempted to escape, compelling officers to open fire.

The two died on the spot.

Sources within the Jacobu township disclosed, one of the deceased, Agyemang has been convicted severally for robbery but can’t say same for the other, Amoateng.

Mother of Amoateng, Comfort Manu, however, insists her son is not a criminal.

They want the IGP to constitute an independent body to investigate that matter.