DSP Effia Tenge, Greater Accra Police Public Relations Officer

The Accra region police has petitioned the Forestry Commission to provide lighting on the Achimota-GIMPA road to prevent the recurrence of criminal activities in the area.

The police also requested for a fence to be put around the forest to deprive criminals of a save haven to operate from.

PRO for the Accra region Police DSP Afia Tenge disclosed during an interview with JoyNews, that they are liaising with Forestry Commission for the illumination and fencing exercise that would stop criminals from hiding in the area to carry out their nefarious activities.

“We have appealed on a number of occasions to the Forestry Commission to ensure that the forest is fenced, it is possible and it can be done.

“What we have identified as a Police Service is that, with the vast stretch of this area and the forest, people hide in the forest and come out, especially at times when there is traffic, attack motorists and rob them.

“We have also identified that the poor visibility in this area is accounting for the number of cases we have been receiving on this stretch, most of the traffic lights we are seeing do not even work and we know how criminals take advantage of darkness,” she said.

The call comes after Police arrested a man who attacked the driver of a Nissan Pathfinder with registration number GE 8088-11 on the GIMPA- Fiesta Royale road.

According to a Police report posted on the Ghana Police Service’s Twitter page June 11, “the man was arrested when he threw a big stone at the vehicle, smashing its glass door but attempted to escape into a nearby bush when the driver drew the attention of Police Officers on patrol on that stretch.”

She however said in the absence of the lighting and fencing, her outfit is devising strategies that will help deal with the robbery situations usually encountered on that road.