Some five police officers have allegedly assaulted a broadcast journalist with Takoradi-based Connect FM, Eric Nana Gyetuah.

According to reports, the media practitioner was abused at a popular restaurant on Thursday, February 3, after he took pictures of some people arrested.

Eyewitnesses say both the officers and the suspects were hungry, so they stopped by an eatery to grab some food.

The sight of the suspects eating with their handcuffs intrigued the journalist who took pictures of the incident.

Upon noticing that Mr Gyetuah had taken shots of the suspects, the officers confronted him and demanded that he deletes the photos.

According to reports, the journalist stood his ground leading to the angry cops beating him to a pulp.

The journalist suffered swollen eyelids with blood oozing from his swollen mouth and was subsequently handcuffed.

Mr Gyetuah is said to have been released and given the necessary medical attention.