Police officers

The Ghana Police Service has launched a special operation to ensure motorcyclists strictly comply with road traffic regulations.

The operation is dubbed, Police Action Against Rider Indiscipline (PAARI).

Indiscipline among motorcycle users on our roads manifested in riding through red traffic lights, the non-wearing of crash helmets and general disregard for road traffic regulations the police bemoan has become a major cause of road traffic accidents in the country.

In view of this, the operation will see a special team of police riders with bodycams stationed around major intersections and other strategic locations to monitor the activities of motorcyclists.

The police announced this in a statement, cautioning errant riders will be prosecuted, named and shamed.

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The statement added the operation will be rolled out in phases together with all other stakeholders involved in road safety.

“We would like to caution the riding public to be self-disciplined and follow traffic regulations. We are, as usual, counting on the support of the public to make this programme a success,” the statement urged.