Thieves have broken into a District Police Commander’s home and stolen his flat screen TV set at Sawla in the Sawla District of the Savannah Region.

He discovered this after returning from patrol duties in the district.

The incident kept many residents shocked as to how the thieves broke into a District Police Commander’s resident to steal his TV set.

The commander, who spoke off-record, confirmed to Adom News’ Rebecca Natomah that his home was not ransacked, just his television set was carted away by unknown persons.

According to him, he resides is Sawla district Assembly bungalow which is about 4km to Sawla township and the place is not busy as workers are always in their rooms.

He believes it is for this reason neighbours did not hear noises when the activity went on.

The commander revealed there was no forced entry, leaving him with the suspicion that the perpetrators had a key, and locked his door behind after the operation.

Investigations has commenced into the matter.