Students of Jasikan College of Education in the Oti Region found themselves in a tense confrontation with the police during a demonstration against their feeding allowance conditions.

The students were protesting the timing of their meals and a deduction of GHS 50 from their allowances, which led to a heated clash with law enforcement agencies.

The demonstration took an unfortunate turn when police officers were allegedly called to the scene by the Acting College Secretary, escalating the situation.

The students alleged that the college had disconnected electricity connections in the school, leading to the theft of their personal belongings when they had to leave the campus to charge their phones.

Their grievances expanded beyond the feeding allowance to encompass broader concerns about the living conditions and treatment on campus.

During the demonstration, the Students Representative Council resident, Freeman Zokah, took the lead in addressing the students’ concerns. However, he became a victim of police brutality as officers reportedly assaulted him, with one police officer even slapping him from behind.

The incident has drawn widespread attention and condemnation from various quarters, sparking discussions about the use of force by law enforcement agencies against peaceful student protests.