The Ghana Police Service has arrested four persons in connection with Saturday’s commotion at Jamestown, Accra.

The four have been identified as Salaami Abubakari, 36, Daniel Opare Oman, 43, Edward Holm, 38 and Daniel Clottey, 41.

The suspects are said to be the ringleaders who led scores to allegedly block a road at Jamestown by burning tyres, further creating a sense of fear and disorders.

The mayhem is said to be in response to the widely circulated list of potential Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives.

Reports suggest that the people of Jamestown were protesting the alleged removal of the current Mayor of Accra from office.

It follows reports that Mr Sowah will be replaced by Elizabeth Sackey, the former Deputy Minister of the Greater Accra Region.

Consequently, the police have cautioned individuals or groups intending to cause public disorders to do so at their own risk.

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, Mohammed Nii Adjei Sowah, has distanced himself from the demonstrations in some parts of the city.