Screen goddess Nana Ama McBrown says she is too strong to be affected by negative reportage, which are mostly put out in the media about her.

The beautiful actress and her long-time boyfriend, Maxwell tied the knot last year in a rather low-key event which came as a surprise to many.

The aftermath of the private wedding generated a lot of debate on whether their marriage would last the long haul with some passing comments on social media asking and doubting if the marriage would work.

Nana Ama Mc Brown in an interview with Amanda Jissih on GHONE TV over the weekend, stated that she would never be affected by negative comments that are passed about her because she understand the kind of profession she is in.

“You have to understand the kind of job you are doing, because if not you would be affected by anything that is written about you but I’m too strong for that.

“I did not go after Max, but he came to me and told me his intentions for me and I was like really, I couldn’t believe it. “I then told him we should get along and see.

So, we became friends before we started doing what God gave.” She, however, revealed that she planned her two-hour wedding within three days and says her wish is to keep her personal life private.

“My mother is alive and his mother is alive too and we have the ring plus we know ourselves so what else should we have waited for,” she defended.

source: 3news