Phone thief caught after uploading his photo on owner's Whatsapp

A wrong move by an unintelligent thief led to his tracing and subsequent apprehension weeks after he launched the robbery.

The man, whose identity is not immediately known, allegedly stole a phone and proceeded to upload his image on Whatsapp, without logging out of the owner’s account.

His image is said to have stayed on for weeks, as he continued to use the phone the exact way he stole it; without even changing the sim card.

This led the owner and his cousin to track every movement of the thief, and he was arrested in town.

He admitted his crime after he received some resounding beatings. He was almost lynched.

In the viral video which captured the moment he was apprehended, residents put a tyre around his neck to set him on fire.

It is said that he was, however, spared and handed over to the police.

Watch the video below: