Private legal practitioner, Professor Kwaku Azar, has reiterated the need for the monopoly of the Ghana Law School to be broken.

According to him, the whole legal education model is broken down and needs an overhaul.

His comment comes on the back of another mass failure the 2021 law school entrance exam witnessed.

Some 790 out of 2,824 candidates passed the exam written in August 2021.

The pass rate is in line with outcomes from previous years, except for 2020, which saw 1,045 students out of 2,763 passing.

But reacting to the development on his Facebook page, Kwaku Azar indicated the result is only a marginal improvement: 128 out of 1,820, who passed in the past.


He stated the candidates did not fail but were denied access to the law school due to lack of space.

He stressed tertiary institutions also have a role to play, adding that they must not be happy to just collect money from so many students who get a terminal LLB.

To Kwaku Azar, these universities have the responsibility to prepare these students who cannot be accommodated at Makola for the bar exams.

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