The National Peace Council has revealed plans to issue two documents to supplement the Vigilantism and Offences Act (Act 999) passed by Parliament in 2019.

According to the Council, the documents, prepared with inputs from the various political parties, prevent and prescribe remedies to acts of vigilantism by members of political parties.


The documents also provide guidelines to political activities in the country, particularly during election periods.  

Representative of the Council, George Amoh, addressing a stakeholder forum on the 2020 election in Accra on Wednesday, expressed the Council’s optimism of ridding the country of vigilantism with the road map provided for political parties in the two documents.


He also revealed plans by the Council to revive its election response groups across the country to pick up and deal with early warning signs prior to and during elections.

The Peace Council said it had been in series of meetings with the political parties, mainly the two leading parties over modalities to address the vigilantism phenomenon in the country.