Renowned Ghanaian actress, Christiana Awuni, has shared interesting details of why she quit attending church and focused on living her life.

It is normal for parents to inculcate the habit of attending church service every Sunday into an individual if you are living in a Christian-dominated country like Ghana.

Christiana Awuni disclosed in a recent interview with blogger Zionfelix that she was born into a Christian home and worshipped God every time but was forced to quit along the line.

Explaining why she stopped going to church, Christiana Awuni said pastors started making sexual advances towards her because of her curvy and voluptuous backside.

She said the advances became one too many and she moved to another church owned by a popular Ghanaian preacher only to meet a worse reception.

The men of God started using fake prophecies to trap her when they realized they could not have their way with her.

The actress said those actions put her off, forcing her to decide not to worship at any church in Ghana again.

She revealed, also, that the behaviour of the pastors deterred her from having a relationship with God in the church but she prays when the need arises