An 18-year-old son of gospel singer, Obaapa Christy, and popular pastor, Love, has indicted his father in a new video that has emerged online.

The boy has alleged that he recently caught his father performing some rituals in his bedroom.

The boy made the allegations on Accra-based television channel, NET 2 TV, a video currently in the possession of and attached to this story.

The reason I left his place was because he was worshipping a deity which looked like a very small wardrobe. I caught him once and he asked if I wanted to go and stay with my mom and I said yes, the boy alleged in the footage.

Pastor Love's 18-year-old son exposes his dad's 'juju' acts
L-R: Pastor Love and Obaapa Christy


The boy claimed in the video that his father became hysterical since he saw him performing the rituals thereby agreeing to his request to be in his mother’s custody.

After over four years of battling their divorce case in court, Pastor Love and Obaapa Christy parted ways legally in 2019.

Their divorce, which did not come on a golden path, had both Pastor Love and Obaapa Christy washing their dirty linens in public.

Pastor Love was, however not readily available to respond to his son’s claims.

Watch the video above.