Northeast Today

The Lagos State Police Command has arrested the pastor of Chapel of Revelation Ministry, Elijah Emenendu, for allegedly raping three siblings who are members of his Church.

The suspect is said to have lured and raped the siblings several times before one of them got the courage to speak up.

According to Vanguard, Emenendu started having anal sex with the eldest sibling after prophesying that God wants him to stop ‘Yahoo Yahoo’.

The pastor allegedly taught him how to masturbate, telling the victim that he wants him to experience the power of God and he will release power into him through anal sex, an act that left the victim bleeding and in severe pain.

Emenendu had sex with him four times a week, twice a day, inserted a mop stick into his anus, used a syringe needle to prick his scrotum and navel. He began living with him last year and endured sex episodes with him.

It was gathered that from the eldest victim, Emenendu moved to the immediate younger brother and taught him masturbation after deceiving him something is faulty with the quality of his semen and penis. 

Emenendu moved to the little brother and had sex with him too and then made them have sex with each other in his hotel room after church service.

However, trouble started when one of the siblings summoned courage and revealed what was happening.