COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on our daily lives, it has robbed us of our economic, political and social lives.

Due to the effects of this silent killer, we are unable to enjoy some quality time with our loved ones but that is about to end because #ParkNWatch is back.

It is the opportunity you have been waiting for to enjoy some quality time off with loved ones and friends without worrying about getting infected.
HYPE UP in partnership with Ghana Club, is bringing another lovely edition of #ParkNWatch.

ParkNWatch is the biggest outdoor movie screening experience in Accra where you stay comfortably in your vehicle and enjoy several movies on large screens.

You do not have worry to about social distancing and the several restrictions that have afflicted our lives due to the rampaging virus.

All you need to do is to drive to Ghana Club with your partner or partners with your tickets, stay in the comfort of your vehicle and watch the several thrilling movies that would be shown for the several events planned.

The first event will be held at The Ghana Club, located on the High Street in Accra, adjacent the Birth and Death Registry at a date that would be announced soon.

Aside Ghana Club, HYPE UP has similar enthralling events planned for several cozy venues including Laboma Beach.

About Ghana Club
Ghana Club is one of the oldest members only club in Ghana. It was built by the British in 1947 when Ghana was Gold Coast – not surprisingly therefore, it was originally the Gold Coast Club, with Nii Amaa Ollenu, a barrister, and a future Speaker of Parliament, as the first President, serving from 1947 to 1952.

The Club started off with many amenities including an inexhaustible bar (still does), catering (stopped for a while and recently resumed), and all types of indoor and outdoor sporting facilities.

A tennis court with lights was a showpiece of the Club and very much patronised by members and their guests.

Dr Adrain Oddoye is the current President of Ghana Club with David Addo Ashong the vice president of the historic club.