Pamela Watara

Popular video vixen, Pamela Odame Watara, says she’s yet to experience an improved lease of life almost two years after popular pastor, Bishop Obinim, delivered her in his church.

The controversial pastor , who’s the Founder and Leader of International God’s Way Church, disclosed that there were spiritual forces in Miss Watara’s family who were fighting against her.

Bishop Obinim, who claims to be an Angel, also revealed that these forces, especially from her father’s side, were dwarfs who were curtailing the progress of the video vixen and her siblings.

He further disclosed that these old dwarfs were interfering in the development and growth of the entire family and will always follow her even if she travels outside Ghana.

The man of God also revealed that the dwarf spirits surrounding her are only appeased with local hard gin.

According to Angel Obinim, if he is able to deliver her from the dwarf spirits, her dreams and requests would be fulfilled.

In support, Miss Watara also claimed that indeed she was facing an issue of ‘promise and fail’ and pleaded with the man of God to deliver her.

Angel Obinim further prayed and delivered her from the covenant and bondage between her and the dwarf spirits.

But almost two years after the deliverance, Miss Watara, in an interview on Peace FM, monitored by, on Saturday, March 6, 2021, stated that nothing had changed in her life.

“Before God and man, I will not lie to you my life has been the same almost two years after Bishop Obinim claimed he’s delivered me of spiritual attacks by dwarfs in my family. The spirits in my family have not left me, things are not okay with me. I will not lie, I’ve not seen any change, if I have, I will gladly go to church and give testimony to glorify God’s name. I will not pretend all is well with me.

“Obinim is a spiritual person, and I know when he goes into the spiritual realm he’ll see that the girl he claims to have delivered is still being attacked by the same dwarfs. Things are even much tougher after the deliverance. I’m the same old person struggling in life,” she said.