A photo of a young lady showing off a very humongous and heavy chest, which is comparable to that of Pamela Odame who is widely known as the lady with the biggest front load on Ghanaian social media, has popped up.

In the photo, the lady, who is known as Paticia, is seen wearing a pair of big trousers with her chest converted in a scanty crocheted dress.

The outfit, which is woven in yellow fabric, did just enough to cover vital parts of her bosom.

With her right hand on her head and holding her braided hair, Paticia had her left hand in the middle of her tummy and right under her heavy-duty bust.

Paticia gave a little smile for the cameras while wearing black spectacles and glowing in all her beauty.

The photo of Paticia was part of a photoshoot to promote the crochet maker’s products.

Following the emergence of the photo on social media, most attention has gone to Paticia, obviously because of her heavy endowments standing in front of her.

For many of those who have commented, there have been some comparisons to Pamela with some few suggestions:

Obibinii_serebour @iamnaturalpam this one heavy than yours

Calebniiboye @iamnaturalpam your heart cut anaaa?

Joibliss And this looks juicer

Miriamadoley I’m proud of women like you.