Traditional marriage

The issue of bride prices has always been a problem in Nigeria and other parts of Africa when the time for marriage draws near.

Many families tend to go to the extreme when it comes to demands of what they want as bride price for the daughter’s hand in marriage.

In some cases, most men and their families are unable to afford the too expensive demands.

A viral list which has sparked rage on social media is no different as the family is making what many have described as outrageous demands.

Although the family has titled it the short bride price list, the contents are not short at all.

The prospective son-in-law to be is expected to pay GH¢38k cash and bring 10 bags of onion, 100 tubers of yam, four gallons of palm oil, and three bags of foreign rice among others.

Check out the full list below:

Nigerian family demands N2.1m as bride price usually paid before wedding.