A Nigerian woman has expressed anger and disappointment in a caterer she hired for an event after she discovered baskets of meat she hoarded to take home.

The incident reportedly happened in Akure, the Ondo State capital over the weekend.

The lady who was optimistic a huge number of guests will attend the party thought she had made adequate provisions for them.

However, amid the joyous moments, the caterer announced that the meat and fish had finished.

Her pronouncement which did not sit well with the host caused her to rant, creating a scene before she later discovered something unusual.

Baskets of fried meat and fish hid in a room on the blind side of the host and her guests were discovered with many believing it was an attempt by the caterer to take them home after the programme but luck eluded her.

The angry lady brought out the baskets to show others present as she fumed with anger.

Watch the video attached below: