Nigerian comedian Parrot Mouth

Nigerian comedian, Parrot Mouth has publicly accused Funny Face of breaching his commitment to perform at the #LaughItOff comedy show last year, despite receiving 50% of his performance fee upfront, totaling GH¢4,000.

According to Parrot Mouth, Funny Face arrived at the venue but refused to take the stage until he received the remaining balance of his fee.

Assurances were given that he would be paid before his performance, but when the time came for him to perform, Funny Face was nowhere to be found.

Attempts to reach Funny Face by phone were unsuccessful, and till date, he has neither provided an explanation nor offered an apology for his absence.

The event organizer expressed disappointment over Funny Face’s actions but stated that he chose not to escalate the matter publicly.

Parrot Mouth reiterated his belief in the principle of karma, implying that individuals ultimately face the consequences of their actions.

Watch video below: