File photo: Armed robber

A shop offering financial Service, CSSL Enterprise, was robbed of over 140,000 in the afternoon of Tuesday, June 1 at Buokrom Estate Junction in Kumasi. 

One person, Collins Dapaah sustained severe injuries from gunshots.

According to one of the ladies held hostage, the robbers shot into the roof three times as they request for the money they had on them.

Shop robbed of GHC140,000 -one person sustains multiple gun wounds

Charity Kambasiba said one of them stood in front of the shop and the other came in to attack one of the clients.

The armed robber later held them hostage in one corner of the shop and demanded for the money.

“We were attending to a customer when a fair tall man entered and held the customer. We thought they were about to fight. But it turned out to be a robbery. He then commanded everyone to lie down and he took all the money,” she narrated the incident amidst tears.

Shop robbed of GHC140,000 -one person sustains multiple gun wounds
Gunshot marks on the wall

One of the staff, who spotted danger early, was able to make her way to the washroom and placed a phone call to a neighbour, Collins Dapaah for help.

She said one of the two robbers heard her but was unable to find her hideout.

Mr Dapaah, who attempted to go in to help the staff, was shot at the entrance of the shop.