OMV & Sons Ghana Limited, the sole agent for puncture safe, manufacturers of puncture prevention treatments worldwide, has duly launched its products.

This was over the weekend in a short but impressive ceremony at Kokomlemle in Accra.

The product, when applied before the puncture occurs, moves to permanently seal punctures as they happen and this means it will protect the tyre from  getting puncture within its five years life span from the beginning of its application.

Speaking during the launch, the Operations Manager of the company, Jemima Siaw Yeboah, said tyre burst is one of the contributory factors in road carnage in Ghana.

Jemima Siaw Yeboah

Madam Yeboah said puncture safe reduces porosity and extends tyre life.

According to her, Puncture Safe is a revolutionary product that is out-performing everything the manufacturer uses in terms of technology not found in other tyre sealants.

The product is in grades to cover every vehicle sector such as High Performance, High-Speed Grade, Heavy Duty Medium Speed Grade, Extra Heavy Duty Low-Speed Grade and Light Duty Cycle Grade.

On his part, Chief Superintendent Joseph Obeng Sefa of the Ghana Police Service recommended the products for drivers.

He said the application of Puncture safety will help reduce tyre burst related accidents.

According to him, the Ghana Police Service has also used it and can attest to it being safe.