Shatta Wale /photo source: @shattawalenima/Instagram
Shatta Wale /photo source: @shattawalenima/Instagram

A throwback photo of Ghanaian superstar, Shatta Wale, before fame, has surfaced on the internet.

It seems he had visited a village where he took the photo. Shatta Wale is also seen with a bag like a cattle herd. He pocketed like the gentleman he is with a funny facial expression.

Many people have reacted to the photo with the majority thanking God for how big Shatta Wale is today.

Abena, for instance, said God didn’t shame Shatta Wale, while giving his slippers her own name: abena_sugar_trust: “All his “baba agye ne pay” nyinaa now turn to designer shoes ooo oh God didn’t shame you nso Leave gbee alone bonsam nana.”

Lammy wondered if Shatta Wale reared cattles in those days: jaideelammy: “Saa time no na gbee ka nantwie anaa medi3 asem bisa oo.”

Biggels called Shatta Wale grace personified: biggiels: “if Grace was a person.” Nkunim called Shatta Wale “Wofa Atinga”, a common name given to old Muslims: obaapaadepa_nkunim_: “Wofa atinga.”

One also wrote in the Akan language that Shatta Wale looked like an old Muslim: one_ms_nas: “Abookye afa ha # God no go shame us.” Iman wrote in the Akan language that God has really done good to Shatta Wale:

Source: Yen