A young woman from Kwesigyan No 1 in the Ajumako Enyan district near Mankessim in the Central Region, Joana Hayford, claims she has given birth to 9 children without having any sexual encounters at all, apart from her first child.

Joana who is currently carrying her 10th child said she gets pregnant immediately after giving birth, with or without sex.

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She told her incredible story on Adom TV’s health education show, Nkwa Hia,  on Tuesday, saying each time she went to the hospital for checkups, pregnancy tests on her proved negative even though she notices signs of pregnancy.

Joana added that after giving birth to her first child, she was undergoing hot water therapy to heal her wounds when she collapsed and was subsequently rushed to the hospital.

After that first admission, according to her, she became a regular visitor to the hospital until she decided not to see any doctor anymore because each time she visited, she was told there was nothing wrong with her.

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She later noticed she was pregnant, a situation that will recur eight times as she gave birth to one child after the other without break and without sex, sometimes.

The situation pushed Joana’s first husband to abandon her after the fourth child but that wouldn’t stop the birth because a fifth child came even as she became single.

She then got married to a second husband who also divorced her for the same reason.

“I got married to my second husband thinking the fault might be coming from my first husband but the situation remained the same so he also left,” she narrated.

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Her first husband, who also spoke to the Nkwa Hia team confirmed the story but explained that he left because he did not understand the situation and also because the community started calling him names.

But a Gynecologist from the 37 military Hospital, Dr Caroline Ladzekpo, has called for further research and investigations into the condition of the woman.

She explained that even though pregnancy-without-sex is possible in cases of In Vitro fertilization (IVF), self-fertilization has been found but it’s only confirmed in animals and not humans.






  1. The Holy Ghost conceived only Mary, the mother of Jesus, and went on retirement.
    This extra fertile woman and possibly with very high libido, could be getting shelled under cover of darkness and very secretly, by some wild Cassanovas in her town.
    Her story is surely one for the Nigerian churches.

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