Alfred Obeng-Boateng
Alfred Obeng-Boateng

The parliamentary ambitions of Alfred Obeng-Boateng, a former Managing Director of the Bulk Oil Storage and Transport Company (BOST) has suffered a blow as constituents accuse of him of violations of the New Patriotic Party (NPP)’s constitution.

Mr Obeng-Boateng, a member of the NPP who has also submitted forms to contest the Bibiani-Anhwiaso-Bekwai Constituency, has, per a complaint file-d by some leading members of the constituency, accused him of a number of infractions including the violations of the duty of a member to protect the unity of the party pursuant to article 3, clause 5A (2) of the NPP’s constitution.

The complainants, Elder Abraham Amoako Asare, chairman of Tanaso NPP; and Kennedy Tano, Breman NPP chairman, state in their nine-page complaint letter to the NPP chairman of the Bibiani-Anhwiaso-Bekwai Constituency that Mr. Obeng-Boateng failed to adhere to the said clause which enjoins all members of the party to have the right and duty at all times to protect the unity of the party.

Among the many instances cited by the complainants to support their complaint was the accusation that Mr Obeng-Boateng had formed his own ‘Constituency Executive Committee’ to work in parallel with the legally-elected executives of the party in the constituency.

“This became evident when a plot of land which had been procured by the Hon MP [Kingsley Aboagye Gyedu] to construct party office at Bibiani was trespassed by the ‘Obeng-Boateng Executives’ purporting to use it to construct the same party office,” the petition alleged.

The complainants also accuse the former BOST MD of deliberately obstructing the works of delegates by engaging them through his private meetings with them when the said delegates should be involved in official party activities elsewhere.

Mr Obeng-Boatrng the complainants hold, has failed to uphold the NPP’s policies publicly as he is enjoined to do by Article 4, Clause 7(1e) of the party’s constitution, citing his decision not to adhere the General Secretary John Boadu’s directive for members interested contesting the party’s parliamentary primary to desist from either overtly or covertly campaigning.

Apart from busing party delegates to his residence in Kumasi for get together periodically, …he has been moving from polling station to pollinng station; community to community; meeting delegates, donating items such as agro chemicals, clothes, shirts and cash to them, the letter said with attached exhibits of photos of Mr Obeng-Boateng donating the items.

The complainants have therefore urged the Constituency Executive Committee to refer Mr Obeng-Boateng’s conduct to the Disciplinary Committee of the party in the constituency to undertake a full, faithful and impartial inquiry into the matter.

We recommend that consequently, the party should suspend or expel Mr Obeng-Boateng from the party. This will serve as a deterrent to members who intend to toe the same line in future, restore sanity into the constituency, the complainants demanded.