Police officers

The Achimota police have arrested one Shadrach Boakye, also known as Anopa, for his persistent harassment, attacks, and robbing of commuters along the Achimota Forest and it’s environs.

Shadrach, 24, has been on the raider of the Achimota police for several months of search until he was arrested over the weekend at Fawuhoyeden in the Ahafo Region.

According to the Achimota District Police commander, Supt. Christine Srofenu, the suspect has been successful in his ‘strike, hit and run’ efforts making his apprehension very difficult.

He has been involved in countless robberies within the Achimota forest enclave since 2019.

References could be made in a case reported on 4th June 2020, around 10:30 pm when Shadrach and five others attacked and robbed about four victims of their valuables such as phones, laptops, monies, and other items at gunpoint.

The suspect Shadrach Boakye aka Anopa

Police arrested 4 of the gang members but Anopa being the leader of the group managed to escape arrest and went into hiding in his village somewhere in the Ahafo Region.

His accomplices were arraigned and currently undergoing trial while Anopa resurfaced after some few months to continue with his operations.


Another case was recorded on 30th November 2020 where the suspect again attacked and robbed several road users around the CP Roundabout.

His modus is to hide in the forest, monitor both vehicles and pedestrians and rob them at the least opportunity.

He uses knives, sharp implements, or pistols to advance his operations. In this particular case, Police was able to track one of the victim’s phone to where the suspect was hiding that night and got him arrested. He was processed for court in both cases.

Somewhere this year, he, together with other accused persons, was granted bail in all the robbery cases by two circuit courts.

Since then the robbery in the forest aggravated.

Again on Monday 14th June 2021, the suspect robbed a car dealer of his bag containing an unspecified amount of money at CP Roundabout and some vehicle documents.

The case was reported to the Achimota School Police for investigation.

The complainant was able to describe the suspect to the police and the police highly suspected Anopa to be the culprit.

A search was extended to all his hiding places but he was fast to escape arrest.

Police later had information that he was hiding in a village in Ahafo Region.

The Achimota police arrested him from his hideout with the support of the Ahafo Regional Police Command after a message was sent to them.