Veteran Nollywood actor and director, Charles Inojie, has said most female thespians are richer than their male counterparts because of the extra money they make from meeting up with wealthy and influential men in society.

He said even some actresses who play minor roles in movies are richer than many actors who have starred in lead roles.

“I spoke about the influx of daughters of Jezebel that came into the industry, still coming into the industry. When you see some of them, you will know that they can’t even pass an audition. They will struggle with minor roles here and there and the next thing you will hear is that she just acquired a multi-million mansion and a 2025 Range Rover.

“You will hear she just got N40 million mansion for her mum and she got a N150 million mansion for herself. Then as a male actor you began to ask yourself, ‘What’s happening? Are they paying them extra after settling us?’ But you know that for the female folk, their streams of income are many,” he said.

The prolific thespian spoke in the latest episode of The Honest Bunch Podcast.

“For instance, whenever some of my politician friends call me, I know they are watching African Magic. They will be like, ‘Charles, I’m watching one movie right now. There’s this particular girl can I have…’ That’s the multiple streams of income for them [actresses].

“Even the actresses know that regardless of whatever the filmmaker is paying them, a huge amount is going to come later from people who patronise them after watching the movie. So, by the time a Senator calls here and a House of Representatives member calls there, One big business executive calls there and they put it together… Before you know, one of them would buy a multi-million-naira duplex in Lekki.”

He, however, urged his male colleagues not to be worried by the affluence displayed by some actresses who acquired their wealth by hooking up with rich men.