Ahead of the Nigeria presidential and national assembly elections on Saturday, February 25 (today), some voters resorted to sleeping at a polling station in order for them to be able to cast their votes on time.

A video that emerged on Twitter showed Nigerians lying on mattresses and using mosquito nets at a polling station in an undisclosed area, as they wait eagerly for the exercise to commence.

The commentary said the eligible citizens arrived at the polling unit before 2 am.

The video which has gone viral has attracted mixed reactions.

There are about 93.4 million eligible voters for the polls this year, with the highest record of youth involvement in the country’s political history.

The Independent National electoral commission(INEC) has for the first time ever, introduced the BimodalVoter Accreditation System (BVAS) to accredit voters using biometrics

BVAS was test-run in the off-season elections in Anambra, Osun and Edo.