Controversial prophet, Nigel Gaisie, has shared a dream he has reserved for December 31, 2023, on Adom FM’s Entertainment Hall show.

The dream, according to the Prophetic Hill Ministry founder, means ex-President John Dramani Mahama will win the 2024 December Presidential election.

“God opened my eyes and took me somewhere, I saw a man at Independence Square ordering a crowd for a motorcade.

“The motorcade was given to Mahama. Two out of the five vehicles were not in good condition. But God said Mahama can repair it and that represented the nation. I saw this about three weeks ago,” he told the host Mike 2.

Talking further, Nigel Gaisie, who admitted that he is not a card-bearing member or supporter of the National Democratic Congress, said nothing can stop the former President because it has been destined to happen.