Kuami Eugene at Daybreak Hitz
Kuami Eugene

Highlife and Afrobeats musician, Kuami Eugene, says he is not worried about the negative comments on the songs he releases.

He told Daybreak Hitz on Friday that he always follows the due processes when there is the need to sample other people’s songs.

Kuami Eugene noted that he is not tired of the allegations people level against him for stealing portions of their songs.

He rather believes people associate themselves with him with such claims to get attention.

“I am not tired; I’m used to it. If you are big, people jump on you; if you are no more, they don’t care about you; if you are sinking, they don’t care about you. I’ve realised [that] people will do anything to affiliate themselves with me to get some attention,” he told Andy Dosty.


He added: “Right now, if I am coming to release music, people go into their archives to see if something like that sounds in their music.

“They pray that my chorus or my verse will sound something a bit like their song, so they come out for people to see them too.”

Kuami Eugene is one of the artistes who have been mostly accused over the years of song theft.

Recently, a Ghanaian female singer, Bhadext Cona, accused the Lynx Entertainment signee of stealing a song she wanted to feature, Kuami Eugene.

Meanwhile, Kuami Eugene, disclosed that he will soon release a five-track Afro Highlife EP.

He explained that “this is actually my first time [because] I have had too many albums out there. It looks like everyone is coming up with EP, so I wanna try my hands on it.

“So I came up with an afro highlife EP, and I know it’s going to be amazing.”