Abu Jinapor
Abu Jinapor

The Minister-designate for Lands and Natural Resources, Samuel Abu Jinapor, has said he is not concerned about threats by the Minority Group in Parliament to disapprove some of President Nana Akufo-Addo’s ministerial nominees.

The constitution of the Appointments Committee of parliament currently stands at 13-13 meaning equal representation from both sides of parliament, but with one member of the Majority Group chairing and possibly losing his vote, giving the Minority group an upper hand in the approvals.

But speaking to the media, Mr Jinapor noted that the constitution has stated qualifications of a minister of state and that is what should guide the Appointments Committee of which he is a member himself.

He believes his nomination was a big vote of confidence in him by the President.

He insisted: “I am not concerned. The framers of our constitution were deliberate in formulating the appointment of ministers in this manner which vests the mandate of the eventual appointment of ministers in the executive and the legislature.

“The president nominates and parliament gives prior approval. The framers of our constitution could have well said the president nominates and that’s it or they could have said that parliament would be responsible for the nomination and that will be it. I think that that constitutional architecture is one that I welcome very much in accord with separation of powers, checks, and balances, it’s very perfect, I’m more than happy with it. Ministers are to be vetted, so will it be.”

He added: “I believe that Members of Parliament are very responsible people. To be elected as a Member of Parliament means you are a responsible person. And I have no doubt that the Members of Parliament are responsible people and the members of the Appointments Committee are also responsible people. And the Ghanaian people would be watching, it would be in the full glare of the cameras.

“What is expected of them which I believe they will discharge is proper scrutiny and vetting to be able to determine that a nominee meets the standards set out by the constitution itself.”