Member of Parliament for the Nhyiaeso Constituency, Dr Stephen Amoah has said the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is acting like they provided the people of Ghana with heaven when in power some years ago.

According to him, NDC, which plunged Ghana into a chaotic situation does not have the moral right to talk about Ghana’s ailing economy.

“Our brothers as a result of politics are pushing everything aside as if what is happening today has never occurred. Mr Speaker, I never knew that taxing your people to develop the same environment that would benefit the poor and everyone along the social stratification defines an ailing economy.

Mr Speaker, have they forgotten that between 2014 and 2016, their own budget statement tax components or items that they added amounted to 26 taxes? This has never occurred in the economic history of this country. Mr Speaker, we were not going through these challenges.

The worse taxes, inflationary rates, and supply chain had not gone as badly as we are experiencing today. The same people plunged this country into such a chaotic situation that we had to go through a power outage for about four years, and companies collapsed under them. They are saying all these things about the ailing economy.

If we care to know, the economy that we experienced right after COVID is doing so well. I’m expecting them to bring the figures. What is happening in terms of the inflationary rate today? what is happening in terms of our GDP,” he said on the floor of Parliament.

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