The flagbearer of the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG), Kofi Akpaloo, says the arrest of the founder of Heaven Way Church, Patricia Asiedua aka Nana Agradaa, for alleged charlatanic conduct, was just a “grand scheme’ to mislead the public.

He alleges that some policemen support her alleged money doubling prowess because they are beneficiaries.

In an interview on Prime Morning on the Joy Prime channel, Mr Akpaloo remarked that “Agradaa is able to do what she’s doing because she has the backing [of some police officers].”

“They’re able to do that because they work with some of the policemen. Even her arrest, to me, is a camouflage”, he said, explaining that it is a grand scheme to take money from the people, and after they arrest her, they will go and share the proceeds.

According to Mr Akpaloo, the manner in which Nana Agradaa operates should not be allowed, saying any “serious” jurisdiction would not permit that to happen.

He said if he were the President of the country, “that woman would have been in jail long ago.”

Meanwhile, Mr Akpaloo says should he become president of the country, all charity organisations and religious bodies would be registered because such organisations and groups are owned by the state in other countries.

“Every church, including the mosque, every charity organisation will file their annual audited accounts. Now, a church must be registered as a company without a shareholding. It means it doesn’t have an owner, it’s the government that has ownership.”

He is confident that Ghanaians will strongly support and vote for his party in the 2024 general election.