Angel Carbonu

The National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) has called on heads of Senior High Schools (SHSs) to stop denying students permission to seek external medical attention.

This appeal follows a recent legal ruling against Achimota School, which was found liable for negligence in the death of a student eight years ago.

Achimota School has been ordered to pay GH¢600,000 in damages for negligently causing the death of Kervin Kofi Moses in 2016.

The court’s decision has brought attention to the importance of allowing students to receive necessary medical care promptly.

In light of this ruling, NAGRAT President, Angel Carbonu emphasized the need for school leaders to act responsibly and ensure the well-being of their students.

He highlighted that denying students access to medical attention can have serious consequences and urged heads of schools to prioritise the health of their students.

In an interview with Citi FM, Carbonu stressed that it is crucial for school authorities to promptly release students who require medical care.

He pointed out that timely medical intervention can prevent tragic outcomes and is a critical aspect of student welfare.

NAGRAT’s appeal aims to ensure that no student faces unnecessary health risks due to bureaucratic delays or negligence.

The association hopes that this case will serve as a reminder to all educational institutions to prioritise the health and safety of their students.

“When a student comes to you, you are not a medical professional and so you cannot determine whether a student is sick or not because you don’t have competence in that field.”

“So when a student comes to you and says that he or she is sick, all that you have to do is refer the student to the appropriate professionals who have the competence to determine the sickness or otherwise of a person.”

“What business does a housemaster or a housemistress have to deny a student exeat to go to the hospital?”


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