File photo: Wedding

American based in Ghana, Chloe Rose Awuah AKA Yaa Baby, has revealed that her parents didn’t approve of her relationship with a Ghanaian and even boycotted her wedding.

In a chat on SVTV Africa Worldwide, Yaa Baby mentioned that her mother was disappointed in her choice of man and did not speak to her for two months. However, she remained unbothered because she knew what she wanted.

“My father didn’t approve because he was worried my husband could not cater for me due to the kind of life they had given me. So I ran from home. My mum was hurt.

“They didn’t show up for my wedding and even tried to stop it. You know when you register a marriage, the authorities ask for your parents’ contact. My parents told them they were not in support, but I was past 18, so they couldn’t do anything about it,” she recounted.

Yaa Baby, however, added that her parents eventually understood her and are now happy with her choice, but it took a while.

“God being so good, we all understand each other now. My mum even likes my husband more than me, but it took a lot of time. I understand my parents better now because they had good intentions,” she told DJ Nyaami.

Yaa Baby and music video director, Kofi Awuah, celebrated their sixth anniversary in 2022. They have two kids (girl – five years, boy – three years).

Yaa Baby is the manager of DKAMG Media and the brand, Kofi Awuah. He has worked with several Ghanaian artistes such as Medikal, Kojo Jamar, Darkovibes, Quamina MP, etc.