Rapper Strongman has revealed his lover and mother of his only child, Nana Ama, has threatened to leave him if he ever replies any subliminal shots from artiste Amerado.

Amerado has in recent times featured diss words targeted at Strongman in his rap songs.

But, Strongman says he is under no pressure to reply him, adding that he is very capable, and he would damage him lyrically if he intends to.

Out of respect for his baby mama and the fact that he says Amerado is his junior in all aspects of the industry, he said in an interview that he will let the matter slide.

“I started hearing his shots long ago and I even predicted it so I am not surprised it is beginning. It’s very normal. No one sends diss to artistes they are below, you only direct your anger to those above you so I have no need to reply him.”

Strongman added that he might hit back when Amerado elevates his status and becomes an artiste he can profit from financially.

“It’s very normal. It’s just like football, you would want to tackle the one holding the ball. So in this case, I am aiming for those higher, not for people you can describe as my juniors.”