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Nigerian based in Ghana, Eunice Success, has disclosed that her aunty (now deceased) brought her to Ghana and eventually sold her into prostitution.

In a chat on SVTV Africa with DJ Nyaami, Eunice noted that she stayed and worked with her aunt for a couple of months before she sold her off to a woman at Kokomba for GHS2,500.

Success indicated that she has to pay the amount by trading off her body to men. The divorcée stated that she is unhappy with the state she is currently in.

“I’m fed up and unhappy because I never did this in Nigeria. We stand in front of our rooms here, waiting for them. Those who like me give me the money without sex. I’m the only hope for my family,” she said on Ghetto Life Story.

Speaking of her charges, Eunice mentioned that she “charges GHS20 or GHS30. Some of them will have pity, but the normal price they offer is GHS10.”

The mother of three has been living in Ghana for over a year. Success stated that she would need about GhS25K to start a viable business in Nigeria to cater for her family.

Moreover, the young lady noted that friends and family often lure young female Nigerians into the country by promising them education, jobs, etc.

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