breast cancer patient
Breast cancer patient

A 43-year-old mother with breast cancer says she has been asked to leave her rented home as her condition worsens.

Agnes Dogbe is bedridden by the disease and is unable to pay her rent or take care of her two children.

The woman, resident of Kasoa in the Central region, also faces looming homelessness as her landlord wants her out and none of her family members would take her in.

Her breast cancer condition has reached an acute stage. Her left breast is “rotten“.


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According to her, the father of her children fled when her situation worsened few years ago.

“I have been calling my siblings to come and support me but they have refused. When the ailment started my elder sister took me to the Ridge Hospital in Accra but after that she has refused to come and help me again. I had to go for a scan which cost GH¢700.00 but when I told my sister she said she could not afford it,” she said.

To add insults to injury, her landlord is forcibly ejecting her because of the stench from her rotten breast.

“I don’t have anybody to take care of me. My landlord has also taken the keys to my room asking me to leave the house because my rotten breast stinks. But if I leave, I don’t have any place I’m going to find shelter for myself and my children. Please help me,” she said.

The woman, who used to hawk sachet water, says to eat once a day is now a great miracle for her and her children.

Crime prevention advocacy group, Crime Check Foundation went to her aid and donated GH¢1,500.00 for her immediate up keep.

The Foundation is appealing to individuals and corporate bodies to help.