Dong Bortey
Dong Bortey

Hearts of Oak legend, Bernard Dong Bortey, has revealed that his biggest dream is to coach Real Madrid or Barcelona in the near future.

The Ghana Premier League legend has returned to his former side as the U-14 coach.

Speaking in an interview, Bortey revealed that Barcelona and Real Madrid are his targets in terms of aspirations.

He, however, added that his recent appointment as a development coach of Hearts of Oak, is just the beginning of greater things he expects.

“That’s not where I’m targeting, although we start from somewhere but for me, my target is to coach Real Madrid, Barcelona, or Juventus,” he said in an interview with Onua TV.


“I said this thing on radio some time ago, and today I’m saying it on TV. Even then, I wasn’t a coach. I said I’ll coach Barcelona when I become a coach.

“Ghanaians lashed out at me me, saying I can’t. Maybe it looks huge in the eyes of humans, but it’s not huge in God’s eyes.”

The former Black Stars player continued by explaining he would achieve his wild dream of the big teams in Europe.

“Because the ones who are coaching these teams were players like Don Boartey, and now they are coaching. So if Don Boartey says he will be a coach, why not support me with prayers rather than criticizing that I can’t do it? I know that with what I’m saying, I’m not going to give up. That is why they call me the humble Lion. I’m strong.”

Don Bortey won four Ghana Premier League titles with the club and one CAF Confederations Cup.